A Midwest girl at heart, artist Nancy Pendleton was born in Storm Lake Iowa, and also lived in Nebraska and Michigan, where she began her art studies at Michigan State University. Tired of the cold and snow, she decided to take time off from school to visit a friend in Scottsdale and explore Arizona. The warmth of both the people of Arizona and the ever-present sun sold her on the West and she made her visit into a permanent move. 


Once established in the Valley of the Sun, Nancy graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design, with an emphasis on illustration. Nancy worked as a free lance illustrator for several years before landing a job in the Arizona Republic Newsroom as an illustrator/graphic artist. While at the Republic, Nancy won numerous Press Club awards for her illustrations.  


During her thirteen years at the newspaper, Nancy developed a strong following through an upscale Scottsdale gallery where her work was showcased - this allowed her to quit her day job and devote all her time to painting.

Influenced by her love of nature, Nancy’s work has at times included seed pods, unusual sticks and leaves and handmade paper. Her intense love and devotion to animals has played a part as well, and she donates her time and talent to many local animal-related charities.  She is beloved by many in the animal welfare community for her beautiful art and championing of those who cannot speak for themselves.  

Recently, the artist’s passion for fashion as an art and expression of personal style, has been a major influence in her mixed media pieces. Her dream of attending Paris Fashion Week in Fall 2017 was an impetus for many of her new, fashion-inspired pieces. She is involved in the Arizona Costume Institute, as well.

Over the last 20 years, Nancy has been represented long-term in galleries on Canyon Road in Santa Fe (Adieb Khadoure Fine Art, Crossroads Contemporary), as well as in Tucson and Scottsdale (Wilde Meyer Galleries). Her work is included in collections of PetSmart, Henkel, and at the Hyatt Regency among others, as well as in the homes of many collectors across the country.