Being creative involves being fearless, being vulnerable, being open to inspiration in each moment, and taking risks.  

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Nancy Pendleton took one cold winter semester off from her studies at Michigan State to spend with a friend in sunny Phoenix. She never went back! Over her many years of living in the Valley of the Sun, Nancy developed a deep connection and appreciation for this city in the desert.

Her recent series, ‘Our Urban Desert’ expresses the contrast of a thriving city and the vast Sonoran desert, and how they co-exist in harmony and make 'The Valley' a totally unique place to be. The artist mixes her trademark graphic style with vibrant colors and rich textures to tell her story. “I can’t imagine living anywhere else."



I feel lucky to work in my wonderful studio in the home that I share with my husband, Bob Smith, and my 4 precious dogs (all adopted from the Arizona Humane Society). For over 20 years I have been represented by Wilde Meyer galleries in Scottsdale and Tucson. Being Creative is truly my passion and I love to share it.