I’ve always had the need to express myself creatively, and done so through a variety of mediums which include drawing, painting, illustration, jewelry, fashion, and design. My most valued source of inspiration is nature; I am constantly in awe of its beauty. Nature is everything and in everything. There is an order and and uniqueness to all natural elements - never to be reproduced. This influences my textures, colors, composition and materials, such as handmade paper from lokta plants. 


Human nature and personal expression are also themes in my work. My artistic style is abstract and my figural work is highly stylized. All that I do reflects my interests, passion and vision. I find the process of creating art most rewarding because it allows me to experiment with different ideas, evolve and grow, and have complete freedom to put exactly what I want to put on my canvases.


My process is organic and I trust that if I am open-minded as I work, the piece will reveal itself. I put love and creative energy into my canvas and hope the passion comes across. One of the best comments I've received is that a customer still loves a piece that they purchased over a decade ago and can still see different nuances. Honestly, I just want  to spread some joy where I can. 

Life can be hard, a smile is good.

In Arizona Nancy Pendleton shows at Wilde Meyer Galleries in Scottsdale and Tucson.