Being creative involves being fearless, being vulnerable, being open to inspiration in each moment, and taking risks.  

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Each Above: My ‘Stronger Together’ series conveys women's personal style as a means of strength and self expression. Each woman tells her individual story, but as a group a much larger statement is created.

Above: A theme I’ve visited often is "fictional portraiture".  Recently my series of "Visages" (faces) explore self-expression through fashion. I use mixed materials including fabric, paper and found jewelry.

Left: I was experimenting with multiples of shapes to express movement. The spontaneity and liveliness of the forms made me think of espresso beans. Being that I am passionate about all things coffee, it seemed natural to do an Espresso series. This one was my favorite so it hangs in our home, at least for now.



Right: Common themes in my work include repetition, vibrant color and geometry, as displayed here.  I like the idea that there is an orderly pattern, yet looking closely, each of these circle is unique. All together over 200 imperfect individuals come together create to create a larger composition, or a group dynamic.